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2Q Analysis: Below-Prime Goes Prime Time – F&I Magazine

A few bumps in the road may have slowed the economic recovery, but that wasn’t the case for auto finance, especially in the second quarter. Dealers were able to find more sources for their credit-challenged customers, with Experian Automotive’s quarterly auto finance data showing a significant increase in loans made to below-prime car buyers. That … Continue reading

All Lanes Open – F&I Magazine

The auto finance industry is surging after a third quarter in which all lending segments increased their originations for the high-risk tiers. via F&I Magazine.

Steps to Take When Applying For a Bad Credit Car Loan | Loan Street

Don’t feel bad or embarrassed if you don’t qualify for a normal or good credit car loan. It’s been a tough several years and there are a lot more people with bad credit applying for loans than you’d think. Nearly 25% of Americans have bad or poor credit so you are not alone at all. … Continue reading

GM leads the US auto industry on road to success | Michelle Krebs

Exactly three years ago, the just-inaugurated President Barack Obama was confronted with what to do about the US auto industry. No option looked good: either make the unpopular decision to bail out failing General Motors and Chrysler, or allow the pair to fall and risk taking down the entire auto industry and pushing the US … Continue reading

Understanding Auto Trigger Leads | Loan Street

An auto trigger lead is generated when an individual has their credit pulled by a finance company, bank or car dealership when recently within last 24 hours shopping to purchase a car. The auto trigger lead is based on a credit report being pulled for the purpose of purchasing a vehicle. Auto trigger leads are … Continue reading

Industry Summit: Finance Execs Discuss Market Trends – F&I Magazine

The auto finance marketplace is heating up, but executives from six top finance sources said there’s more at play than simply a race for market share. via: F&I Magazine.

February New-Vehicle Retail Sales Rate Outperforms January – F&I Magazine

New-vehicle sales this month have been strong month-to-date, with the selling rate outperforming January’s, reported J.D. Power and Associates. via: F&I Magazine.

Chrysler Leads Nissan, GM Topping January U.S. Sales Estimates – BusinessWeek

Chrysler Leads Nissan, GM Topping January U.S. Sales Estimates via BusinessWeek.

Under the hood: GM blueprint for Volt 2.0 | Reuters

Amid the debate, one aspect of the Volt has escaped the notice of fans and critics alike: the roadmap for potential upgrades GM left buried deep inside. A bolt-by-bolt, surgical deconstruction of the Volt attended by Reuters without the involvement of GM showed how the plug-in hybrid was designed for relatively quick upgrades such as … Continue reading