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Understanding Auto Trigger Leads | Loan Street

An auto trigger lead is generated when an individual has their credit pulled by a finance company, bank or car dealership when recently within last 24 hours shopping to purchase a car. The auto trigger lead is based on a credit report being pulled for the purpose of purchasing a vehicle.

Auto trigger leads are a great & affordable way to market to individuals because only 1 in 3 car buyers actually buys from a credit check (even at the dealership). With Auto Trigger leads there are several factors to take into account like the minimum credit score your finance company requires as a minimum lending requirement. Also, the geographic area in your location and what is the most effective way to market these leads to get the best response (your mail piece or appointment script).

When you try auto triggers you have to contact the individuals right away because they’ve already had their credit ran and wants to purchase a car ASAP. Also these leads can be sold up to 3 other competitors so it’s crucial to make contact as early as possible. So if you doing a direct mailing campaign or telemarketing persistence will and does pay off.

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