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Should You Be Using Auto Trigger Leads?

If you don’t already know, a trigger lead is a verified notification of someone in your area who, within the last 24 hours, made it known that they’re in the market to buy a new vehicle. Trigger leads are created when one of these customers stops by a dealership, business, or bank and has a credit check run to see what kind of financing they can receive towards a car. Now, what this means to a dealership is that, if you have a lifeline to that information, you get a steady notification of who in your area is looking for a car, even if they don’t come directly to you. This is especially helpful since it’s been shown that a relatively small portion of people actually purchase right when they have a credit check run, even if they’re getting that check done right at a dealership. And through a trigger lead provider, you can even specify who you’re interested in hearing about, based on credit score, and distance from your dealership, (and from some providers, you can get into even more, relating to bankruptcies, or other financing situations).

Now, this definitely sounds like an appealing set-up, right? Especially when you consider the low cost associated with this type of marketing. You pay a small fee for each lead provided, which often comes with a direct mail piece, and you can get it shipped right out to these potential buyers, who you can then follow up with shortly afterwards. So what’s the downside? It’s not necessarily easy money! It’s definitely a way to get a ton of leads every day, which are much more likely to come to fruition than most other forms of marketing, but only if you put in the effort to make it pay off. If you just buy some leads, mail them their piece, and then don’t have someone ready to follow up and keep up with the situation, they’re liable to become a lost cause. These potential customers have already run a credit check by the time you contact them, and are raring to get themselves behind the wheel of a new car. Not being timely with your leads quickly makes them invalid, so be prepared to devote a bit of time and resources specifically to the task of handling these contacts if you want them to pay off.

In the end, if you’re looking to draw some more customers to your business, you have the resources available to devote to handling the timely contact necessary, and you want to start taking advantage of some low-cost/high-reward possibilities, trigger leads are right up your alley. If on the other hand you’re just looking to pour a little bit of money into a new marketing strategy and have it give instant gratification, they’re probably not for you.

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