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Mercedes’ all-wheel drive an SUV competitor

Americans flock to SUVs for their “just in case” four-wheel-drive capability. Just in case it snows, or just in case you end up driving mud-slick backroads like the ads depict, an SUV can make it through.

Gas prices are pushing many drivers back to cars, but that doesn’t mean they’ve shed their worry about “just in case.”

The good news is that they are increasingly able to opt for all-wheel drive in buying a car. While brands such as Subaru and Audi have established their reputations with their all-wheel-drive models, Mercedes also has a history of all-wheel drive, which dates back to its Dernburg Wagen of 1907.

To demonstrate the snow driving capability of its popular 4Matic all-wheel-drive sedans and coupes, Mercedes recently presented an array of its cars in Jackson Hole, Wyo., for a snow-driving test.

Because of increasing customer demand, Mercedes now offers all-wheel drive on 21 models in the U.S., effectively everything it sells that isn’t a two-seat sports car. The company has sold a million 4Matic cars in the U.S. since introducing the technology in 1989 and now sees more than half of some models so equipped.

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