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Suppliers provide key parts for Ford 3-banger

Electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids have established toeholds in the United States. Now get ready for a new fuel-economy contender, the three-cylinder gasoline engine.

Ford Motor Co.’s 1.0-liter EcoBoost three-cylinder has been introduced in Europe.

In the European Focus, the engine is available in two versions: a 98-hp unit that generates 59 mpg on the European drive cycle, plus a 123-hp version that delivers 57 mpg. The European test combines city and highway driving.

This year, Ford of Europe will roll out the three-cylinder engine in the B-Max and C-Max small cars, and next year the engine will debut in North America in an as-yet unnamed Ford model.

Roland Ernst, Ford’s chief program engineer for the engine, noted some of the suppliers that helped produce it:

• Eisenwerk Bruehl GmbH of Germany produces the cast-iron engine block, which provides more rigidity and strength than an aluminum block. During cold starts, a split cooling system immediately sends fluid to the cylinder head only, while coolant is temporarily shut off in the block.

• Continental AG of Germany supplies the turbocharger, a low-inertia unit that spools up quickly to deliver power at low rpm. The turbo was designed to withstand very high exhaust temperatures, which can reach up to 1,886 degrees Fahrenheit.

• Robert Bosch GmbH of Germany manufactures the direct-injection system, which improves fuel economy and makes possible the use of a stop-start system.

• Dayco Products of suburban Detroit makes the engine’s drive belts, which are bathed in oil to reduce noise and improve efficiency.

• SHW AG of Germany supplies the mechanical oil pump, which varies oil pressure according to the engine load. That permits lower oil pressure at low speeds, which improves fuel economy.

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