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Ford looks to extend EV battery life

More auto loan companies might issue car loans for electric cars if Ford’s latest endeavor is successful.

GE researchers in partnership with Ford and the University of Michigan, are developing a miniature sensing system that could extend the life of car batteries in electric vehicles.

“The car battery remains the greatest barrier and most promising opportunity to bringing EVs mainstream,” said Aaron Knobloch, principal investigator and mechanical engineer at GE Global Research. “Improvements in the range, cost and life of the battery will all be needed for EVs to be competitive. With better sensors and new battery analytics, we think we can make substantial progress at increasing battery life.”

Knobloch added that this will bring down its overall cost and the cost entitlement of buying an electric car.

Electric vehicles are already helping pick up javelins, discus, hammers and other projectiles from field events at the 2012 Olympic Games. Electric miniaturized MINIs are being used at the games to save the athletes time. The cars use electric batteries that can support 35 minutes of use with a remote range of more than 300 feet and is a quarter scale to the actual Mini vehicles.

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