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Self-driving cars on horizon, but how soon?

The day when self-driven cars dominate the road, a longtime science-fiction fantasy, may not be far off, a new report says.

An increasing number of drivers, most notably younger drivers, care less about the driving experience and more about getting from Point A to Point B quickly, says the report, “Self-Driving Car: The Next Revolution,” which was prepared by researchers at consulting firm KPMG and the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As a result, they’re more likely to give up the driving experience and transition to self-driving vehicles that can transport them more easily while potentially saving time and money.

So, when will drivers be able to watch a movie or respond to e-mail as they drive to work? The researchers don’t know, says report author Gary Silberg, the national automotive industry leader for KPMG.

The report, which was released last week, doesn’t pinpoint a date for when self-driving cars will become commonplace because technology has evolved so quickly, but Silberg says he’s optimistic that the vehicles will be implemented sooner rather than later.

The report’s prediction of the rise of self-driving cars is built on several key assumptions, including a sharp drop in technology costs and a highly favorable regulatory climate.

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