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Police testing out new cop cars

Police cars often inspire potential car buyers to head to auto finance companies for a car loan, especially with the new lineup of cars hitting the forces these days.

The Ford Crown Victoria has been key for law enforcement the past decades, but since it was phased out in 2011, agencies have been forced to consider new vehicles for patrolling the streets. Ford is now offering its Police Interceptor.

The Interceptor, based on Ford’s Taurus passenger car, was specifically designed for law enforcement use, providing more horsepower, added safety features and improved fuel efficiency. Ford recently announced that it will be adding its 3.7 liter V-6 and twin turbo 3.5 liter EcoBoost V-6 to the Police Interceptors option sheet.

This additional equipment does not bode well for individuals often coming into contact with the wrong side of the law, especially if you are from Michigan.

The Michigan State Police force will be doing their yearly testing and using the Ford Police Interceptor as one of the vehicles. Police will also be trying out the new Dodge Charger Pursuit with all wheel drive.

Police will be able to order the Interceptors if testing goes well, but will have to wait for the 2014 model year Charger, if they prefer that vehicle.

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