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Avoid distractions and improve visibility while driving

A recent survey by Liberty Mutual Insurance and SADD of 1,700 teens showed that 91 percent of their parents occasionally talked on a cell phone while driving, 88 percent speed and 59 percent text while driving.

Drivers are encouraged to cut out distractions while driving and improve visibility while on the road.

Recent statistics from the National Traffic Safety Administration show that more traffic accidents happen during the day than at night. In response to this information, it is important that drivers are being as safe during the day as they would be at night, which means getting their electrical systems updated.

One of the easiest ways to decrease the risk of getting into an accident is to install daytime lights to a vehicle. Daytime lights significantly reduce head-on and front-corner collisions. Recent studies have shown that a driver is 11 percent more likely to get into a multiple-vehicle accident during the day if they do not have daytime lights installed.

Those heading to auto finance companies for a car loans should look into new headlight technology that allows drivers to switch from their standard headlights to an LED light source for day driving. This increases the lifespan of the headlights and also draws less energy from a car battery.

via Auto Finance News.



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