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High-strength steel is the future of the automotive industry

Automakers are not just looking to alternative fuels and engines to increase fuel efficiency – many are light-weighting vehicles with high-strength steel in order to get weight down and gas mileage up. It appears that Americans heading to car loan companies in the coming years will be in for lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles.

The North American International Auto Show is currently under way and event-goers are able to see some of the benefits of high-strength steel.

“We have the technology to support the automotive manufacturers, and we have the manufacturing capacity to do it,” Christopher Kristock, vice president of quality and product development for Severstal North America, told the Detroit Free Press.

Ford told the news source that it plans on cutting 250 to 750 pounds from its next-generation F-150 pickup through the implementation of high-strength steels and aluminum. In addition, Chrysler said that a high-strength steel frame on its 2013 Ram 3500 has allowed it to increase towing capacity by 7,000 pounds when compared to the previous model.

A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that high-strength steels are the most cost effective way to light-weight a vehicle. According to the report, the cost is 46 cents per pound when implementing advanced high-strength steels in the mid-size body, chassis and interior vehicle systems, far cheaper than $1.55 per pound for aluminum.

via Auto Finance News.



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