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How to Capitalize on New Car Incentives

Saving money on a newly purchased vehicle can easily be accomplished with the help of new car incentives and rebates that local dealers provide to consumers.

Many people tend to become worried and stressed about buying a new or used vehicle, especially when they want to stay within a certain price range. Luckily thanks to great auto incentives more people can save big with bad credit auto financing while being able to land their ideal automobile. The only thing you as a consumer need to know is how to capitalize on these rebates and have the ability to make the best decision when picking out your next great vehicle.

Understanding Auto Incentives

Generally car incentives are special discounts offered to the public by way of the auto manufacturer in an attempt to help them boost their popularity with new or current customers. It’s also very common to see manufacturer car rebates with poor credit loans when they are trying to reduce their inventory of a specific auto that is trouble selling. By lowering the price like this it allows for a win-win scenario for the company, as well as the buyer.

One of the best parts of utilizing special car incentive deals is that people can actually utilize them in a variety of ways, depending on what your local dealer is offering. For example, a person with low credit may have a difficult time qualifying for zero down auto loans, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t possibly receive a cash rebate or come to a special lease agreement. In some cases they even be able to take advantage of unique deals for being in the military, a college student, or even a first time buyer.

The type of incentives you may be offered are usually dependent on what a specific auto maker or dealership has made available, but these vehicle rebates tend to be used the most:

  • Low APR Financing: Usually better credit is required, which can help you land interest rates between 0-5 percent.
  • Customer Cash/Bonus Cash: A cash rebate that manufacturers apply the price of the vehicle or towards the lease.
  • Special Leases: Lease programs that feature low monthly payments with small to no down payments required.
  • Dealer Cash: Dealers get marketing support as an incentive from manufacturers that can play into the buying process.

You can qualify for bad credit car loan incentives today by applying online with us, and we will use your application to locate dealers in your area with the best rebates. You can also choose to check local dealers and auto manufacturers to see if they have any money saving vehicle deals on the way that you can take advantage of. Either way a customer you will want to exercise the great incentives available to save big on your next automobile.

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